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27 May 11:00–23:00
28 May 11:00–23:00

High-rise installation from the creator of BETONNIERE BOULE A FACETTES
Benedetto Bufalino

Event on the Festival Map

The French artist Benedetto Bufalino is a master of interventions into the public space. In the Russian Internet, he became famous with a viral video from the Lyon Festival of Lights 2016 — La Betonniere boule a facettes.

Bufalino works in the field of public art, creating installations for streets, parks and other urban spaces. He uses usual objects and materials: cars, skateboards, cardboard boxes, telephone booths etc and putlaces them in an unfamiliar context thereby creating an effect of defamiliarization or distancing. In all his installations Bufalino combines elements of poetry, humor, play and contemplation.

For the Polytech Festival, the artist in cooperation with the Festival team will create a high-rise installation La Caravane dans le cile, which at the Festival will be seen from everywhere.

Attention! The Festival program includes a lecture by the creator of the project.