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Museo Aero Solar

27 May 12:00–18:00
28 May 12:00–18:00

Сollective sculpture made after the project of Tomas Saraceno
Tomas Saraceno

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The Museo Aero Solar is a global open-source project by Tomas Saraceno, which is enriched every year with new objects — aerial sculptures made from used plastic. The project first appeared in 2007. Since then, it has been presented in more than 20 locations around the world. In 2017, the Polytechnic Museum will join the world community of Museo Aero Solar creators.

Aerocene is an aerial sculpture that overcomes gravity due to the nature of the material it is made of. It is a balloon that rises into the air without additional heating: the sun rays pass through its plastic shell, the air inside the ball becomes warmer, and the sculpture ascends itself to the sky. The man-made object overcomes the force of gravity and goes on a journey to discover new territories and see the world from the point of view unavailable to a human.

The Aerocene balloon will be created during the workshop, where a body of the sculpture will be built from ordinary plastic bags glued to each other. Everyone is welcome to take part in collecting the plastic bags and gluing them together. This process will turn this work of art into a collective action based on the idea of personal responsibility: the project can not exist without the efforts that each individual contributes to it.

Aerocene is not simply an occasion to think about ecology. This is a project about how art can transform mundane and meaningless things, in this case — a simple shopping bag that you once bought in a supermarket for a penny.

The launch of Museo Aero Solar will take place on May 1st. The information about the exact time and place will be available later. Please follow the updates in the social media of the Polytechnic Museum. At the Polytech Festival, the team of Museo Aero Solar will build a large tent out of plastic bags. Everybody is welcome to take part in this project and make their own mini-aerocenes.