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The Impossible Machine

27 May 11:30–20:30
28 May 11:30–20:30

Collective installation created on the principle of a Rube Goldberg machine and showing Johannes Kepler's storyline
Yuri Suzuki and students of the Moscow Polytechnic University
Japan — Russia

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As part of the cooperation between the Polytech Festival and Moscow Polytechnic University, a group of students under the guidance of the invited Japanese artist Yuri Suzuki worked for several months on the installation based on a principle of Rube Goldberg machine. A Goldberg machine is a device that performs a very simple operation in an extremely complex manner (usually with the help of a long chain of successive micro-interactions based on the domino principle).

Exclusively for the Polytech Festival, an Impossible Machine will be built which, with the help of smart use of various objects, the laws of mechanics and the laws of physics, will tell the story of the incomparable man — the German scientist Johannes Kepler’s, whose research paved the way for the Isaac Newton’s law of universal gravitation.

Juri Suzuki is a designer, artist, musician, and inventor. He owns the studio of the same name, which works with Google, Swarovsky, Coca-Cola, and Disney. The artist has already done similar installations (for example, the five-meter Breakfast Machine). His works have been presented in the most respected museums all over the world, such as Tate, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Barbican Center in London, Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, London Design Museum and many others.

The artist invented and launched a well-known among artists and musicians device called OTOTO, capable of turning any surface into a musical instrument.

Attention! The Festival program includes a lecture by the creator of the project.