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Flowers Behind the Back of the Universe

27 May 11:00–23:00
28 May 11:00–23:00

Group installation reproducing the starry sky from the back of the Earth
Cosmic Art Research Committee

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What do you see around this universe? Not only the sky above you but also the other side of the universe — the sky as seen from «the other side». In collaboration with Gunma Astronomical Observatory (Japan), this installation will capture the moment when the constellations can be seen from «behind the back of the universe» on the dates of the Polytech Festival.

In this project the flowers are a metaphor of beauty of life in the universe, therefore, these constellations will be illuminated with origami flowers. The visitors of the Festival will be able to join the artists in making these flowers.

The Cosmic Art Research Committee is a practice-based research team created by the research committee of the Institute of Environmental Art and Design. Since May 2014, when the committee was founded, they have been creating various projects throughout Japan and the world. The committee collaborates with artists from various fields including art, design, astronautics and particle physics in order to research cosmic art through a transdisciplinary approach.

Participants: Yuri Tanaka, Ryu Sakurai, Ryo Takahashi, Hajime Shimoyama, and Noboru Makizuka

27 and 28 of May:

To participate, please register at the venue on the day of the event.

Attention! The Festival program includes a lecture by the creators of the project.